Air-Condition Tubes
Power Steering Hose and Assembly
Cooled Hose and Assembly
Aviation Tube (ATV Braking Tube)
Oil Tank

    Jizhou Yongxing Kaidi Rubber Plastic Factory is located at Wangyizi Industrial Zone of Weitun Town, Jizhou City, Hebei Province. The factory enjoys good location, convenient transportation. It is next to the beautiful Hengshui Lake, close to No.106 national trunk road to the east, junction of Jing-Jiu and Shi-De Railways to the north.    

    With over ten years of history in brake hose manufacture, Jizhou Yongxing Kaidi Rubber Plastic Factory has rich experience in R& D as well as marketing of hydraulic and pneumatic brake hoses, various rubber hoses used on automobile and motorcycles. Every year since its establishment, the factory is evaluated by the National Automobile Research Center as one of the qualified enterprises. Products are selling throughout China, exporting to Japan, and some Southeast Asian countries. The factory has acquired the DOT Certificate of US Department of Transportation, CCC Certificate for China Compulsory product Certification, CCC Molding Sign Certificate. Various assemblies can also be customized in our factory.

    ¡°Honesty stays sincerity, and quality leads to growth.¡± It is honesty and ongoing pursuit of quality brings Yongxing Kaidi¡¯s glory today. For years, Yongxing Kaidi¡¯s products are listed as ¡°Trustworthy products¡±. We¡¯ve been making unceasing efforts. Only with our specialty can we be distinguished. Welcome friends from every circles of life come for business talks.
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Contact: Wang Jianzhen ADD:Wangyizi Industrial Zone, Weitun Town, Jizhou City, Hebei Province